What are Active Chats?

Active Chats refer to all the conversations handled by the WhatsApp chatbot in the mSg24x7 platform. These chats do not require any human intervention as they are efficiently managed by the chatbot. Whenever a new user starts a chat or responds to a message, the conversation will appear in the Active Chats section.

What are Requesting Chats?

Requesting Chats refer to the conversations where the chatbot is not able to resolve the query or the customer wants to speak to a human agent. These chats are moved from Active Chats to Requesting Chats, indicating that human agent intervention is required to resolve the customer’s issue. The chatbot remains active in Requesting Chats, and all the unresolved queries are visible on the top bar to ensure that they are addressed promptly by the agents.

What are Intervened Chats?

Intervened Chats are the chats that have been transferred from the Requesting Chats section to the Intervened Chats section once a human agent intervenes to resolve the user’s query. In this section, the chatbot is no longer active and the chat has become a pure live chat system. The agents can reply to the user’s query and once they are done, they just need to click on the ‘Resolve’ button on the top to transfer the chat again to the chatbot, which brings the chat back to the Active Chats section. Similar to Requesting Chats, Intervened Chats also appear in the top bar for the agents’ quick reference.

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