The WhatsApp Ecosystem

Understanding the Difference Between WhatsApp Business App and WhatsApp API

WhatsApp has indeed become a significant part of our lives, serving as a platform for both personal and professional communication. Businesses have recognized the potential of WhatsApp Marketing and are utilizing it to their advantage. In this article, we will explore the various ways in which businesses are leveraging WhatsApp for marketing purposes. To begin, let's delve into an introduction to WhatsApp and its features.

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WhatsApp Business App Features

Whatsapp has various features that help it to sustain itself as a top messaging application. With a WhatsApp Business account created with WhatsApp Business App, you can:

  • Send Broadcast to 256 people,
  • Set up auto-replies for welcome & away messages
  • Share documents, location, etc.,
  • Operate WhatsApp Business Account on 5 devices (1 Mobile + 4 PCs). You can share your account by using WhatsApp Web, but then you have to do a reconnection dance since it regularly disconnects. It really was not designed to be used by multiple users.

Comparison – WhatsApp Business App Vs WhatsApp API

Growing Businesses
Whatsapp Business API
Small Businesses
Whatsapp Business App
Broadcasting Limit
✗256 Contacts
Multi-User Access
✓Unlimited Users
✗Up to 5 Devices
Install Chatbots
✗Not Possible

Automated Messaging 

✗Not Possible

Broadcast Reaches 

✓All Users
✗Only who have saved your number

Coding Required 

✗Yes, But Not Required if you use msg24x7
✓No, As App given by Whatsapp

Verified Green Tick 

✗Not Possible

Clickable Messages 


WhatsApp Business API for companies: Advantages of using.

WhatsApp can become one of the most important sales channels for companies, requiring interest, time, and investment. The significance of choosing a strategic ally like becomes even more relevant.

Customer service through WhatsApp: boosting your channel strategy

With our conversational platform, the WhatsApp channel can become a medium that offers more significant value than social media campaigns, telephone customer service, or email marketing. With WhatsApp Business API plus, companies increase their sales and their levels of compliance. Also:

  • Increase in participation rates.
  • Higher message delivery and open rates.
  • Acquisition of new clients.
  • Increases in customer satisfaction.
  • Higher percentage of customer inquiries compared to existing approaches.
  • Increased first contact resolution.
  • Decrease in operating costs.
  • Increase in customer retention.

Not only that, the enormous strength that WhatsApp API acquires from the hand of revolutionizes and enhances the work style of the entire sales and customer service team of your company, since it allows:

  • Set up a large volume of automatic responses that allow immediate responses to frequent customer inquiries.
  • Set up conversation flows and chatbots to qualify high-value leads, drive self-service product or service consideration for ordering, scheduling appointments, finding store locations, requesting refunds, canceling orders, and more.
  • Using NLP to better understand the different contexts, phrases, and grammatical errors that can occur when someone writes naturally.
  • Direct and scale conversations to humans or bots, depending on the complexity and scale required.
  • Seamlessly handle conversations between human brand advisors and chatbot automations.
  • Allow any size human associate to manage customer conversation via single WhatsApp number and central chat panel/app.
  • Integration with backend systems for ticketing, knowledge base, and CRM.
  • Integration with reservation backend systems for order management, shipment management, payment gateways, appointment management, POS systems, and more.
  • Sending important and timely notifications during your customer’s purchase journey, order confirmation, shipment updates, appointment updates, account updates, problem resolutions, and OTP checks.
  • Important moments in the customer journey such as retrieving receipts, making additional purchases, using coupons, verifying and redeeming loyalty rewards.
  • Monitoring responses to your notification to communicate and convert high-intent customers.

Managing your sales service and assistance to your clients improves to extraordinary levels thanks to the integration of in WhatsApp. We do not say it, our clients confirm it here.

How MSG24x7 Communications Can Help Businesses

In conclusion, both the WhatsApp Business API and the WhatsApp Business app have their own unique advantages and limitations. Small businesses can take advantage of the simplicity and user-friendly features offered by the WhatsApp Business app, while larger enterprises can harness the scalability and automation capabilities of the WhatsApp Business API. However, to fully unleash the complete potential of the WhatsApp Business API, it is crucial to partner with a reliable provider like MSG24x7 Communications.

MSG24x7 Communications offers a comprehensive platform that empowers businesses to optimize their WhatsApp Business API implementation. With MSG24x7 Communications’ advanced features, such as customizable message templates, seamless chatbot integration, powerful analytics, and collaborative multi-agent capabilities, businesses can enhance their brand and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

By leveraging MSG24x7 Communications’ expertise, businesses can streamline their communication workflows, improve response times, and personalize interactions with customers. MSG24x7 Communications’ intuitive interface and robust infrastructure make it simple for businesses to manage high-volume messaging, ensuring that no customer query or request goes unanswered.

Moreover, MSG24x7 Communications provides ongoing support and updates to keep businesses up-to-date with the latest developments in the WhatsApp Business API. This enables businesses to stay ahead of the competition and adapt to evolving customer expectations.

Whether you’re a small business aiming for rapid growth or an established enterprise looking to enhance customer engagement, MSG24x7 Communications offers the perfect solution to harness the power of the WhatsApp Business API. With MSG24x7 Communications as your partner, you can elevate your brand, strengthen customer relationships, and drive business success in the dynamic world of messaging platforms.