Everything You Need To Know About DLT Registration In India

Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) is a registration system that is based on blockchain technology. The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) mandates that telemarketers must be registered on the DLT platform in order to control SMS spam from marketing companies. Previously, only bulk SMS providers were required to register with TRAI, but the updated regulations now require any entity wishing to send promotional or transactional SMS to their customers to be registered on the DLT platform. This notice has been issued in the public interest.
DLT Registration Process | TRAI Regulations

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Steps To Register on DLT Platform


Step 1: Entity Registration

This process involves providing information regarding KYC (Know Your Customer) documents such as GTS, PAN, TAN, CIN, and others. The process has been streamlined for quick and easy completion, and your organization will be assigned a unique Entity ID


Step 2: Sender ID(Header) Registration

Messages are categorized into four types: Transactional, Promotional, Service Implicit, and Service Explicit. All entities are required to register their headers on the platform, and each header is assigned a unique Sender ID or Header ID.


Step 3: Content Template Registration

After creating a template, the entity maintains ownership of the template on all platforms. Each template is assigned a unique Template ID, which can be shared effortlessly across other Blockchain DLT SMS platforms.


Step 4: DLT Platform Templates Registered

After your template is approved on the DLT platform, we require all the approved templates in an Excel format. Please email us all the approved templates in the given Excel format.

⚡️ DLT Guideline was updated as of October 11, 2020.

⚡️When a Principal Entity registers a Content Template, the content field should include the complete business name, brand name, or trademark (referred to as ‘Brand Name(s)’). All previously registered templates must be updated with ‘Brand Name(s)’ by October 31, 2020.

⚡️If you wish to register as an Enterprise, we request that you begin by registering with a DLT Operator. The registration fee is Rs. 5900/- and you will receive a unique Entity ID from the Operator (which may take up to 72 working hours to be approved). This Entity ID should be used with all DLT operators.


DLT Operator List

You can register with any of the below operators as a Principal Entity to have your Sender IDs (headers) and templates approved.

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Clients Onboarded
99.99 %
Service Uptime
1 Billion+
Monthly SMS Delivered
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