I wonder reminding the old way of texting people before the genesis of I- message and whatsApp, do you recall that SMS thing? But today we realize that we hardly remember those days, at least I feel that way. Interestingly, survey says 98% people used to read those text messages although they might not admit it and 90% of those text messages are read instantly like within 3 seconds. Don’t you want to know your latest blog statistics, when was the recent time you tried to get that?

Don’t ignore the fact that, your website must be mobile friendly. Take this experience from me, the first thing to do is that make sure your blog is mobile optimized. It may look eccentric tips to you but according to a new survey from BASEKIT, 91% of all small businesses do not own a mobile optimized website. Be aware that 100% of your messages are seen through mobile devices. You cannot benefit by mobile SMS campaign unless until your website is mobile friendly.

Delineate your consumer and clients life cycle.

Its most important that, you outline your consumer preferred interest based on their lifecycle. No one would like random spam messages that they are not interested in, So differentiate your consumers based on their preferable interest so that they receive most relevant and personalized messages. It may be like following for instance.

  1. Potential customers If someone has explored your blog and entered their details into your feed magnet, immediately add them to your important list. And now you can send them messages on regular basis about your latest posts, special offers, product advertisements or an article that you want to particularly push. That’s why they provided their very number to you right? So give them what they are desperate for.
  1. Existing customers If you got a database of subscribers those are waiting to go on an event or recently purchased a service/product through your e-commerce medium? That’s it this is your time to up-sell now. Get them exited and back on your website. Now that another pay-day has passed they might be interested in that more premium product that you are so keen to sell.
  1. Previous customers Everybody loves a returning visitor but if they got other things in their minds then they must be manipulated in such a way that they change their mind according to your interest just kidding. Keep them interested in your product/posts or in articles, no matter how hard you have to try.

Smart Planning is key

After finalization of your consumer segments, you can start planning your campaigns. Now you people may be worrying about designs and decoration of the texts, so don’t be panic this is the best thing of SMS marketing that it does not require to be as tedious and draggy as the Email campaigns, because it’s all plain text and no designing required at all. All you need to do is to create an innovative meaningful text and pop in a short URL link to your blog. Now a days scepticism and hypothesises are common among people about short-URL. Using a long tailed URL link is likely to fill half of the mobile screen and it can trigger the spam radar with most mobile users and obviously that link would reflect non professionalism of your e-commerce medium as well. That is why preferring a test on multiple handheld devices must be considered before your actual campaign.

Sender ID:

It’s pretty logical to add a sender ID when you create a SMS campaign, because Most of the people check out where this message came from and they make sure it’s not a spam message. Make sure you set it either as your brand name or a keyword that your target will associate with you.

Keep it personal

Are you confused to choose appropriate and fancy text to insert in message then just imagine what you would expect from a professional and branded text messages. Though you are only provided 160 characters to use by the way it’s enough, to include call to action, blog link and product link and be sure to keep pleasantly optimistic. Yeah most importantly please double cross check spelling errors and do remember that “your target is singular person in the context of while message is received so by that means you plan your text in similar way” After this campaign you would see the change of visiting to your link, but see a drastic change one tip I give to you is that state when the offer or link is going to expire. It’s a proven fact that this sense of urgency will always boost engagement of your customers.

Wait for the right moment…

As far as e-merchandising is concerned timing is everything.  So, to prove that let have a look to a below model graph, the open timing is email is hilariously significant around 24-48 hours and dwindles eventually. But SMS campaigns spike within the spur of the moment. Dear readers, as we know this very well that if your recipient is at work they will just read and forget about it. You must target people when they are most on their mobiles, which is likely to be during lunch time and late evening.

Simple & Take It Easy

You are reading this article, it essentails that either you are about to do business related to SMS blasting or you are learning it for the future implication. So take it easy, and do not send too many texts to your subscriber because it’s one of the reasons they unsubscribe. So hold your patience and wait for a “once in a blue moon” for a deal before launching a campaign. I believe in “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” so made this article as simple as possible for to understand the most. Good luck…. And let me know whether my tips and ideas worked for you.

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