Using variables to Create a WhatsApp Template Message: A Guide by mSg24x7

When creating a WhatsApp Template Message for your business, it’s essential to use variables, which are brackets that contain your message before submitting it to WhatsApp for approval. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use variables while drafting a WhatsApp Template Message:

  1. Go to the Template Message section and click “New” To begin, create a new WhatsApp Template Message by clicking “New” in the manage section of mSg24x7.
  2. Variables in Template Format Check out our complete WhatsApp Template Message Guide to learn how to fill in the Template Label, Type, Category, and Language. In the Template Format, add the format of your message as shown in the image on the right.

There are two rules to follow when using variables while drafting Template Format:

  • Use variable parameters with the correct number of curly brackets (two on the left and two on the right of the variable).
  • Ensure that variables (e.g., {{1}}) contain some text.

For example:

Correct Format: Hello {{1}}
Wrong Format: Hello {{1}} {{2}}

  1. Variables in Sample Message In the Sample Message, copy and paste the WhatsApp Template Message as in the Template Format. The only difference is that you must use “[]” square brackets instead of curly brackets, and instead of the number (1), add a sample value such as a name. If there’s another bracket, add a solid figure instead of a variable in the Sample Message.

Don’t worry; the variables like {{1}}, {{2}} won’t appear when your Broadcast goes live. With this guide, you can easily create effective WhatsApp Template Messages for your business using variables.

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