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WhatsApp Cloud API & the purpose it served

When Facebook didn’t offer direct access to the WhatsApp API, businesses relied on official WhatsApp BSPs (Business Service Providers) to assist them become approved.

By enabling companies to get their WhatsApp Business API accounts approved by Facebook, the WhatsApp Cloud API eliminates this.

The cloud-based version of WhatsApp Business API, WhatsApp Cloud API enables companies and developers to build applications on top of WhatsApp to personalise user experiences and quickly and effectively reply to consumers. Because businesses may request Facebook’s direct approval for the WhatsApp Cloud API, it is quick and simple.

Any business may effortlessly access the service, develop on WhatsApp, and seamlessly communicate with their customers thanks to the WhatsApp Cloud APIs.

How does WhatsApp Cloud API work?

WhatsApp Cloud API makes it possible for all organisations worldwide to personalise WhatsApp based on their unique experiences.

Businesses may quickly create WhatsApp Business Accounts with direct Facebook approval using the WhatsApp Cloud API.

This implies that Facebook will take over all hosting, maintenance, and other duties currently handled by Business Service Providers. Facebook, however, is unwilling to offer a platform on which you can use the WhatsApp Cloud API.

With the help of your developer team, you can either create your own solution, or you may leverage WhatsApp Business API through a platform like mSg24x7

Benefits of WhatsApp Cloud API

The WhatsApp Cloud API offers:

  1. Lightning Fast approval for WhatsApp Business API directly from Facebook (in minutes) – Facebook will now provide direct access to the Business API to all businesses across the globe. Businesses only need to contact BSPs (Business Service Providers) for a platform to use WhatsApp Business API.
  2. You pay nothing – Facebook promises that businesses can get approved for WhatsApp Business API without paying anything.

    But, Facebook doesn’t provide any platform to use the WhatsApp Business API. You can use the official WhatsApp Business API-based platform mSg24x7, to broadcast campaigns and solve for customer support under one platform.
  3. Get New Updates instantly – Get all new updates added to WhatsApp Business API, as now you have direct access to WhatsApp Business APIs via Cloud APIs.

What does this mean for Businesses already using WhatsApp Business API?

If you already have an approved WhatsApp Business API Account, then WhatsApp Cloud API changes nothing for you! Yes, you can switch to WhatsApp Cloud API, but that won’t mean much if you already have an existing WhatsApp Business API Account.

WhatsApp Cloud API is a means to make the WhatsApp Business API more easily accessible to businesses across the globe.

If you’re already using WhatsApp Business API with a platform like mSg24x7, it changes nothing!

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