WhatsApp Business API Price

WABA Pricing

MSG24x7 WABA Platform Pricing Plans

Get the WhatsApp plan that’s right for your business. Upgrade as you scale.

Pricing component

Our Pricing

  • ₹999
    ( Min. Contract 3 Months)
  • 1 Agent(User/Manager) Logins
  • Broadcasting&Retargeting
  • Smart Audience Segregation
  • Template Message APIs
  • Multi-Agent Live Chat
  • Agent Transfer & Manager
  • Upto 10 Tags
  • Upto 5 Custom Attributes
  • ₹2499
  • All features of Basic Plans
  • 5 Agent Logins
  • WhatsApp Chatbot
    (10 Steps Flow)+ One
    Time Setup Fees
  • ₹3599
  • All features of Basic Plans
  • 10 Agent Logins
  • Campaign Click Tracking
  • Campaign Schedular
  • Upto 20 Custom Attributes
  • Smart Agent Routing
  • Campaign Budget Analytics
  • Custom Agent Rules

WhatsApp Pricing

WhatsApp Pricing has been categorized into 4 different categories including:


Transactional messages like delivery updates or pay confirmation



OTP messages such as account registeration, account recovery, and integrity challenges.


Messages related to personalised customer support, addressing queries.


Products updates, special offers, general advertisements, or promotional messages

Are WhatsApp Conversations managed separately?

Yes, WhatsApp Conversation Credits are recharged and managed Separately. Everytime you initiate a Conversation (UIC or BIC), the price of that conversation is deducted from this recharge.
This price varies according to user’s country. 

What is Customer Service Window/Session Window?

A Messaging session window starts when a user sends your Whatsapp Business Number a message and lasts for 24 hours from the most recently received message.
You can intervene/respond with ANY kind of message within these 24 hours.

How many contacts can I Import?

You can Import Unlimited Contacts to the mSg24x7 WABA Dashboard. You’re only charged for the WhatsApp Conversations you initiate with a user.