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What is the WhatsApp Quality Rating?

The WhatsApp Quality Rating is a measure of the quality of messages your customers receive within 24 hours, and it indicates the performance of your WhatsApp Broadcasts and Campaigns. This rating has three levels:

  1. Green: High Quality
  2. Yellow: Medium Quality
  3. Red: Low Quality

To advance to a higher WhatsApp Broadcast Tier, you need to achieve a High or Medium Quality Rating.

How to improve the WhatsApp Quality Rating?

Improving or maintaining a high WhatsApp Quality rating is crucial for effective communication with your customers. Here are some tips to achieve a good Quality Rating:

  1. Ensure that all your messages follow the WhatsApp Business Policy.
  2. Only send messages to users who have given their consent to receive messages from your business.
  3. Personalize your messages and make them useful for the users. Avoid sending generic or introductory messages.
  4. Keep an eye on your messaging frequency and avoid bombarding your customers with too many messages. Focus on providing informative messages and optimize the content and length accordingly.

By following these best practices, you can improve your Quality Rating on mSg24x7 WABA, which indicates the quality of your messages and the performance of your WhatsApp Broadcast/Campaigns. A High or Medium Quality Rating is essential to upgrade your WhatsApp Broadcast Tier.

What all factors affect the WhatsApp Quality Rating?

The quality rating entirely depends on how the users are responding to your campaign messages. A good response is considered when the user interacts with the message either by clicking on the CTAs or replying to the message. If there are doing nothing, that is considered neutral. But, if the users start blocking you, that is considered a bad response.

Can I Send Broadcast Messages Even with a Low Quality Rating?

If your Quality Rating goes down, you will receive a warning notification in your mSg24x7 Business Manager account. While you can continue to send broadcasts, it is advisable to stop sending them for a few days to improve your Quality Rating.

Maintaining a good Quality Rating for a week can help it return to a healthy state. However, if you continue to send broadcasts despite a low Quality Rating, it will eventually deteriorate, and your number may get blocked.

How to upgrade WhatsApp Broadcast Tier?

To upgrade your mSg24x7 Broadcast Tier on WhatsApp, you need to meet certain requirements. According to WhatsApp policies, you must send messages to at least half of the unique users of your current messaging limit to upgrade. For instance, if your current limit is 1000 unique users per day, you need to send messages to at least 500 unique users per day to upgrade to a 10,000 user limit.

Likewise, if you currently have a limit of 10,000 unique users per day and want to upgrade to a 100,000 user limit, you must send messages to half the unique users in WhatsApp Broadcast Tier 2, which means 5000 unique users per day.

Besides, your Quality Rating also plays a crucial role in upgrading your messaging limit. To move to the next Broadcast Tier, your Quality Rating should be at least Medium or High. Therefore, it’s essential to ensure that your messages follow WhatsApp Business Policy, are sent only to opted-in users, and are personalized, useful, and not too frequent. By maintaining a good Quality Rating and meeting the messaging requirements, you can upgrade your mSg24x7 Broadcast Tier and reach more users.

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